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General Assembly

What is the time commitment for members of the general assembly?

The rule of thumb is, baring any extreme circumstances, we except our general assembly members to attend our general assembly meetings as often as they can. The general assembly meets on Tuesdays from 7 to 8 with committee meetings taking place directly after from 8 to 9. That said, your specific time commitment for the IWC will vary depending on how involved you are with our committees, projects, and initiatves. We encourage you to get involved in anything you're passionate about and we will work with you to ensure that it fits into your schedule as best as it can.

What are some of the projects members of the general assembly can get involved in?

Projects that exist as of August 2020 include - our Sorority Implicit Bias Training Program - our Ecofeminist Sustainability Initiative - our Open Letter Regarding on Campus Sexual Assault - our efforts to reduce the opportunity gap in the Cooperative Education Program ... and more. These projects are each led by a member of our Directorial Board and you can learn more about each under the Get Involved Tab above! Additionally, the IWC welcomes any and all ideas for new projects and initiatives related to female empowerment on campus. If you have idea, don't hesitate to contact our leadership and we will work with you to make it a reailty.

What are some teams members of the general assembly can be a part of?

General Assembly members are encourage to join any number of our committees and teams. In addition to joining the committees, the GA members have the opportunity to join the editorial board of our magazine and our journal as well as podcast team.

Are general assembly members still able to be involved if they aren't on campus?

Yes! We try our best to make this organization as accessible as possible to those utilizing NUFlex or on co op. For Fall 2020, all our events and projects will work according to public health guidelines in Boston and be held completely online. More information about that will be given with each event.

I don't identify as a woman, can I still join?

Yes, of course. We welcome individuals of all identities to join our council because despite our focus on female empowerment, our overall goal is to promote gender equality as a whole and that can't be done if we exclude men and nonbinary individuals from the conversation.


What committees are there?

As of August 2020, we have eight committees: one for each of the colleges and a joint committee we are creating this fall with the Northeastern Student's of Color Causus.

Do I have to be a part of a college to join it's committee?

No! You can be involved with any and as many committees as you want. Members are automatically made members of their home college committees simply for categorization purposes.

How do I suggest an idea for a new committee?

If you have an idea for a new committee, please reach out to our VP of Coorespondence, Beza Zenebe, at zenebe.b@northeastern.edu. We are open to any and all ideas about how to encourage gender equality on campus.

Are there any committees in need of chair?

As of August 2020, the IWC is looking to build two more committees to round out it's advisory board. We are looking for individuals to fill the following two roles as well as help us create programs dedicated to their respective missions. - Chair of Women in Sports - Chair of Men in the IWC To learn more about these opportunities, please reach out to our VP of Coorespondence, Beza Zenebe, at zenebe.b@northeastern.edu

Who do I contact if I want to get involved with a committee?

If you're interested in getting involved with an established committees, please contact the appropriate committee chair. Their contact information can be found on the committee page under the Get Involved Tab.


What's the difference between the three boards?

The Executive Board runs the administrative side of the IWC and is charge of creating, fostering, and maintaining the IWC's relationships with members, non-members, IWOC organizations, partner organizations, and Northeastern Administration. They are also in charge of the planning of our council-wide events. The Directorial Board leads the IWC's main projects and initiatives. Individuals on this board are appointed as needed by the presidents and executive board to focus on specific issues regarding gender equality on campus. These individuals will change every semester as the projects and needs of the council change. The Advisory Board works to plan events and promote organizations related to the Northeastern Colleges. It's these individuals that help us fulfill our organizational commitments to interdisciplinary feminism and diversity. The individuals also advise the executive board on any relevant information related to their respective focuses.

Do all members of the leadership have voting rights?

No. While all members of the leadership team are entitled to votes in the general assembly, only members of the executive board are entitled to votes on leadership decisions (with the exceptions of the AVPs)

How often are board(s) members elected?

We hold elections each Spring for the positions on the Executive and Advisory Boards. Each elected officer serves for one year unless they step down or are impeached. In the event of either, the president's will appoint a new individual at their discression. The members of the Directorial Board are appointed in the Spring by the presidents of the previous working year.

Can you hold two positions on the board?

Members can only have one position on each board and a max of two positions total. We hope that if you want to get more involved in our club that you put your all into one or two roles rather than try to split your time between more. An example of this now is our VP of Finance, Camila Blikstad, who is also the committee chair for Women in DMSB.

I'm an incoming freshman, am I allowed to apply?

Yes! We are always looking to have freshman more involved in our council and are not afraid of appointing one to our leadership if they're passionate enough. Additionally, for the Executive Director of Freshman Engagement position, it is a requirement for the applicant to be part of the incoming freshman class.

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