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General Assembly

The General Assembly is the primary body of our council and it is comprised of both every member of the current leadership and every member of the general team. It is from the general assembly that the IWC acts on and plans it's initiatives and events. 

Members of the general assembly are entitled to a vote on all interdisciplinary women's council resolutions and referendum and are given election privileges every spring to run for any position(s) of their choosing. Additionally, members may join any one of our numerous committees dedicated to specific disciplinary focuses on campus. Through these committees, general assembly members will be allowed to further involve themselves in the inner workings of the IWC as well as create and foster leadership opportunities for themselves in their discipline. 

Membership in the general assembly is granted to all those who apply and remains active so long as a member complies with the attendance and event requirements outlined in the IWC Constitution. You can find the application for the General assembly below.

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