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A space that is meant for women's organizations and the organization's committed to gender equality and female empowerment to share best practices, promote events, and eliminate competition, the council's organizational body, called IWOC (or the Interdisciplinary Women's Organization Council), is a forum for clubs on campus to meet separately from the council's general assembly to truly understand how they can learn from and grow with each other. We, as a council, recognize that one of the biggest barriers to female empowerment is the lack of communication between women themselves and we want to change that. 


Council Members

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  • IGNITE Information Meeting
  • Society of Women Engineers - Information Session
    Society of Women Engineers
  • Big Sister Boston Northeastern - Information Session
    Big Sister Boston Northeastern
  • Women in Business Information Session
    Women in Business



Ready to Appy?


The only requirement to apply is that you are an organization on the Northeastern University campus willing to dedicate itself to the promotion of gender equality and female empowerment.
Note: your organization does NOT need CSI recognition to fill out this form.

Club Requirements

Organizations on the council are required to keep the council calendar updated with all organization related events, This includes club meetings, speaker series, town halls, big events, etc. This calendar will be shared with all members of the general assembly as well as posted on our website so we hope that you will do this to best of your ability and keep it updated as much as you can. Access to this calendar will be given to your representative. Please update the calendar as soon as possible, it only serves to help your club promote its events. A reminder to do this will be sent out monthly on the IWOC slack channel. We request that these calendar events follow the following guidelines: A core responsibility of the organizations of this council is to help promote the work of the IWC as a whole. This promotion can come in many forms and you do not need to do them all. We do ask, however, that you promote our large event and our small event (one each per semester) directly at your club meetings for the three weeks leading up to the event. This semester, this will be in the form of promoting our International Day of the Girl Festivities and our International Men's Day Online Event. We would also love if you would officially announce your participation on this body in any form you'd like but this, of course, is not required. Promotion of our organization can be done in any of the following forms:

  • Sharing our Instagram posts on your organization's story
  • Having our event or our general club meetings advertised during your general meetings, in your weekly email blast, or in any promotional materials you send to your club members.
  • Announcing your participation in the council, it's events, and more on your social media channels.
  • Sharing the Petition of Membership Form for our General Assembly with your members
  • This would "unofficially" get your organization more votes on general assembly resolutions.
We believe that if we are committed to promoting the events of your organization that that sentiment should be returned, even if it's just one story or one shout out a month. The promotion of our organizations only work if we all do our part. In order to maintain your membership on this council, your IWOC representative must attend at least one general meeting of the council or of IWOC each month starting in the fall 2020. Finally the last responsibility of your club, as a whole, is to simply consider your involvement in any one of our subcommittees. The names of the committees can be found below and you can always request more information from our Presidents at
  • Women of CAMD
  • Women of CSSH
  • Women of COS
  • Women of COE
  • Women of DMSB
  • Women of Khoury
  • Women of Bouve
  • Women of Color


As a member of this council, your organization will be granted a plethora of rights authorized through your appointed represented. Those rights are outlined here: Voting Rights

  • All approved organizations of the council will be granted a vote on all IWOC resolutions, all general assembly referenda, and during elections. This vote will allow your representative to take part in council-wide debates on this issue.
SGA and CSI Advising
  • As an organization on campus, we understand the frustration that comes with having to talk to the Student Government Association and the Center for Student Involvement. We are here to help with that. As a body with several connections in the university administration and within these bodies, we are here to facilitate your organization's involvement with both organizations whether that means reaching out on your behalf or working with your organization directly to solve an issue. Our council can serve as your go-to place for issues on campus.
  • All approved organizations of the council will be given the opportunity to advertise their events and meetings on all NEUIWC platforms (including, but not limited to, our website, our email, and our instagram) and during general meetings provided ample notice of the event has been given to the council and the event has been added to the council calendar.
  • All approved organizations of the council can seek cosponsorship from the council on any and all events taking place in the semester of their confirmed participation. This cosponsorship must be sought at least two weeks in advance of the event but is NOT necessary for promotion on our social media platforms.
  • All approved organizations of the council can cosponsor any event hosted by the council and applications to do so will be distributed to council representatives at least four weeks before each event. This will NOT be done for this year's International Women's Day celebration due to timing.
  • All approved organizations of the council will be granted the opportunity to table during all IWC hosted events including this year's International Women's Day Celebration.
Channels and Networkings
  • All approved organizations of the council will be granted the ability to use any of channels and avenues provided by the council and its connections. This helps connect your organization with crucial allies in the university administration that can help you expand your influence to alumni, raise money for your event, ask for funding directly from the university, and more.
  • All approved organizations of the council can be given a link to the contact information of all general assembly members, IWOC representatives, and leadership in the event that you have an email blast you want to send out to the council directly.
  • All approved organizations of the council can approach the Secretariat in search of organizational connections both on campus and off. We are here to facilitate the connection of your organization with other IWOC organizations, with other general organizations on campus, and with nonprofits and companies around the city.
  • All approved organizations of the council will be allowed to seek funding from the council's organization-wide budget. This budget will be comprised of money we secure from alumni and private donors, money we have been given from the SGA and the administration, and money we fundraise specifically for the organization.
  • All approved organizations of the council can approach the Secretariat in search of the appropriate contact information for the university administration officials best suited to ask for funding. This funding can be used for a plethora of different things, including:
    • Large Events You're Holding on Campus
    • Trips your organization wants to attend
      • This includes national and international conferences, events that take place outside of Boston, etc.
    • Procurement of Speakers who request stipends.
    • And more...
  • All approved organizations of the council will be allowed to promote all fundraising efforts directly on the IWC social media pages as full posts.


Upon recieving your application, a member of the IWC Leadership team will reach out within 7 business day to schedule an interview and go over next steps.

Representative Requirements

The core responsibility of your organizational representative is to represent your organization on IWOC and serve as the council's official point person for your organization and what it is doing throughout the semester. We recommend that if this person is not on your leadership body that they stay well connected with them to be the best representative they can be both for your organization and ours. The time commitment of this representative, as of August 2020, will be primarily virtual and will be done through our slack channel until the members of the council appoint a chair. We do request that this individual attend as many general assembly meetings as they can but attendance at these meetings will not be required. Participation on committees will be done virtually as well. This individual must maintain consistent contact with the leadership team of the IWC as it's the only way we, as a body, can continue our efforts to partner with your organization in the most efficient and impactful ways. This individual is responsible for updating the calendar mentioned previously as well as advising the council on the activities of your organization both in person and online. The latter participation can be done as often as your organization would like because failure to do so only harms how much your organization is promoted within the council.

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