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 As a means for the IWC to reach as many people as possible outside of the Northeastern University community, we have decided to create three publications. Each caters to different types of media related to feminism, social justice, and gender studies.

The Catalyst: The Undergraduate Journal of Feminist Theory and Rhetoric is the first undergraduate journal in the nation dedicated solely to the exploration of gender studies and feminism from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. The Catalyst's first issue will share its theme with the Chronicle and focus its research in this special issue on female leaders. The journal will publish its first issue in January 2021 and biannually after that. Interested in getting more involved with the journal or possibly joining our editorial team? Click the journal tab above to learn more!


The Chronicle: The IWC Magazine is a Northeastern University-based magazine that analyzes world events from the lens of feminist theory and the female experience. We publish online in September, January, and May. This January The Chronicle will publish a special issue focused on female leaders, a theme it will share with our academic journal The Catalyst. If you're interested in helping write for The Chronicle or possibly want to join its editorial team, click the magazine tab above to learn more!

The Chat: The IWC Podcast is the IWC's Way of showcasing success from women on the Northeastern campus specifically. Featuring a biweekly publication slate and focusing this year on a speaker series dedicated to exploring the opportunity gap in each of Northeastern's colleges, the Chat is written, edited, and produced by the IWC's Podcast Director, Alexa Skotzko. If you are interested in learning more about getting involved, you can reach out to her directly by following this link here.

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