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The IWC acts from three different boards and two general bodies. Our three boards are

Executive Board
Directorial Board
Advisory Board

The purpose of each board is different but they work together to promote the mission IWC and guide the direction of the council each semester.

The Executive Board runs the administrative side of the IWC and is in charge of creating, fostering, and maintaining IWC's relationships with members, non-members, IWOC organizations, partner organizations, and the Northeastern Administration. They are also in charge of the planning of our council-wide events.

The Directorial Board leads the IWC's main projects and initiatives. Individuals on this board are appointed as needed by the presidents and executive board to focus on specific issues regarding gender equality on campus. These individuals will change every semester as the projects and needs of the council change.

The Advisory Board works to plan events and promote organizations related to the Northeastern Colleges. It's these individuals that help us fulfill our organizational commitments to interdisciplinary feminism and diversity. The individuals also advise the executive board on any relevant information related to their respective focuses.


In addition to our leadership, the IWC has two main general bodies. These bodies are

General Assembly

The general assembly welcomes any and all northeastern students as members. All they have to do is apply. The General assembly works in tandem with the IWC committees to plan events, organize initiatives, and execute projects. Members of the general assembly can learn more about what they can do as members by clicking the general assembly tab above.

IWOC, or the interdisciplinary women's organization council, welcomes any and all northeastern university campus organizations to apply as members. The main requirement for acceptance is that the organization commits itself to the bodies and ideals of the IWC and to the overall mission of gender equality on campus. Through this council, organizations on campus will be given a space to talk about their commitments to gender equality as well as promote their own events, initiatives, and resources. Organizations can learn more about IWOC and the requirements for applications by clicking the Get Involved tab above.

Finally, to round out the I WC structure, the council welcomes two faculty advisors from the D'Amore McKim School of Business: Heather Hauck and Betsy Ludwig.

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